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Fall 2018 2018-19

Financial Aid News

Fall aid disbursements

Fall semester 2018 financial aid will be applied to account balances beginning August 21 for eligible students enrolled in classes that begin August 29. If you drop or add classes after aid has been applied, you may owe a balance to the university.
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Aid and your enrollment status

Your financial aid awards are based on your enrollment status and current charges for WSU tuition, fees, residence hall and meal plan. We strongly encourage you to enroll now in all of the classes that you plan to complete in the fall semester so that we can ensure you are receiving the proper amount of financial aid.
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Receiving Your Aid

Complete your aid requirements now

Check your financial aid requirements in Academica. We will not be able to finalize your aid eligibility if your requirements are not met. Expect processing delays during the busy period at the beginning of each semester.
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Attending class is required

Financial aid will not disburse after the first day of the semester until your class participation is confirmed by your instructor. If your participation is not confirmed in all classes, your aid may be reduced or canceled.
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Check your aid requirements


Check your SAP status



Michigan Competetive Scholarships and TIP awards will not be applied until after census (Sept. 12).
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WSU grants are renewed for eligible students.
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Managing your Money

Review your awards in Academica. Create a budget for yourself and only accept the loan funds you need.
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You must be enrolled at least half-time in order for a federal loan to disburse.
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Accept the terms and conditions of your awards in Academica.
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A good academic plan includes calculating how much financial aid will be available to you.
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