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College of Engineering - Wayne State University

Greetings faculty and staff members,

Thought I'd send an email to bring your attention to a few things related to College of Engineering Marketing and Communications efforts.

Department websites

ALL of our department websites have now launched within the university's Content Management System. Thank you to everyone who provided input and assistance on these sites! It has been a great collaborative effort between our college and the central web team. We believe the cohesive branding and structure will allow for enhanced usability for both backend users and visitors alike. That said, we have a lot of pages (more than 1,700, I'm told!) to keep our eyes on. Please be sure to let us (news@eng.wayne.edu) or your appointed department web guru know about anything that needs to be changed or tweaked, or if you have any questions. We'll try to address things at our earliest convenience or add to a potential future project list. 

Please be sure to bookmark the college homepage and your department site in your browser so that you can easily find/direct folks to information.

Please also note that every department has its own distinct News Center that features department-specific information. (College News Center at http://engineering.wayne.edu/news-center.php.)

Faculty Experts List for Media

We are always looking to position our faculty members as go-to experts in the local, national and international press. The Central PR team maintains an experts list for this purpose. This list feeds into our college and department sites accordingly. (College site example at http://engineering.wayne.edu/faculty-staff/experts.php.) We do not automatically include members on this list as folks must feel comfortable speaking with media outlets. Therefore, if you are not on this list and would like to be, please be sure to send us an email including your specialty areas.

Faculty Accomplishments

Please let us know of any professional awards received, conference presentations given and other professional accomplishments so that we can spread the word of all you're doing. It's easy. Just fill out the fields at http://engineering.wayne.edu/faculty-staff/submit.php.

Materials and templates online

We try to update https://engineering.wayne.edu/resources/marketing.php with our most recent publications, templates and materials. Please be sure to bookmark this page and refer to often.

Social media

More people are connecting with the college via social media thanks to efforts by a number of folks in our college and university communities. Our College of Engineering LinkedIn group is now more than 1,500 members strong. A recent conversation there had alumni talking about their most memorable or influential professor. Dr. Usman, Dr. K. Yang, Dr. Henein, Dr. H. Singh and Dr. King were some of the many mentioned.

We've more than doubled our presence on Facebook in the last year and feature a great deal of news and feature content there. We've also tripled our Twitter followers in that time and are looking to expand on that platform a great deal more in the future.

Additionally, our Flickr photo feed is gaining more popularity and is a great place to see college photos. Our Delicious site is a great place to go to read college news coverage in the press.

Join our groups. Follow us. Your presence there says a great deal to our alumni, students and friends.

We have so many great things happening here at the college. It's exciting to be able to share the good news with wider audiences thanks to the combined efforts of so many here at the college and university. Thank you again for your time and please let us know if you have any questions.


Kristin Copenhaver

Wayne State UniversityAim Higher