Wayne State Division of Research
Termination of Relationship with Praxair Distribution Inc.

In connection with the recently announced strategic sourcing agreement with Airgas, Inc., Wayne State University has terminated its relationship with Praxair. 

Numerous Praxair billing issues over the past five years, combined with opportunities for lower prices and better service drove the university to establish Airgas as its strategic supplier of all cylinder gases. 

As a result of these outstanding billing issues, Praxair has threatened legal action unless all Praxair cylinders are returned to them immediately.  In this regard, departments and laboratories that have Praxair cylinders must contact Praxair as soon as possible, but no later than August 5, 2013, and make arrangements to return all such equipment.  Be sure to get a signed receipt for any equipment picked up, to ensure our records are accurate.  If possible, scan a copy of the receipt and send it to Robin Watkins at ag5343@wayne.edu .

Wayne State’s points of contact for returns are:


Procurement will be working with building coordinators in the key research buildings to conduct a building sweep to search for any Praxair cylinders that have not been returned.

A notice was sent out on July 3, 2013 regarding a new strategic sourcing initiative with Airgas.  Airgas will serve as an excellent alternative for the university’s cylinder gas requirements.  For additional information regarding our new Airgas agreement, please click here.

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