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Wayne State University

Dear campus community,

As a premier public urban research university, Wayne State University is uniquely positioned to help address the health disparities crisis we face in Detroit and beyond.

Wayne State has made substantial commitments to building a healthier city by developing the Wayne Med-Direct program; dedicating more than $200 million to health disparities; hosting the Mayor’s Summit on Health Equity in Detroit; and opening the $90 million Integrative Biosciences Center last year. All these steps and more reflect our efforts to tackle the complexities of health inequality.

Over the coming months, look for videos, stories and events that feature some of the many Wayne State initiatives and passionate individuals committed to eradicating health disparities. This content is part of our Warriors in Action campaign highlighting how Wayne State is making a difference.

The video below captures some of my thoughts on this issue.  I hope it inspires you to ask yourself, “What will my role be in reducing health disparities in my city?”



M. Roy Wilson

Health Disparities -- Wayne State University's


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