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Wayne State University Disbursements

Dear Clincard User,

We are reaching out to individuals identified as active users in the Clincard system to let you know that Greenphire is increasing the fees associated with the program.  There will be an increase to both the cost of the physical reloadable debit cards and the fee charged for loading funds on the cards.  Please see below for the updated rates:

This new pricing will be effective July 1, 2018 and continue to be charged to the departments in the same way that is currently done.

We also need to make you aware that there is a new monthly “access fee” that Greenphire will begin charging the University.  It is a tiered structure that can increase as the number of users increases to tiered levels.   This change will greatly increase the administrative cost of using the Greenphire Clincard Program.   We are currently researching how this new pricing model might work and how it will be funded for WSU.  We are also going to be researching alternative payment solutions that could take its place.   While we research our options, this new fee will not yet be allocated to the individual departments utilizing the program.  We hope to find a viable solution, since this improved the incentive process that was previously limited to gift cards and petty cash, but there’s no certainty that we will.

You may be contacted in the near future to get your feedback on the system, how you use it, and the benefits you feel it brings to your research.

If you have any questions, please reply to this email or call 313-577-3661.

Wayne State University Warrior Strong