Wayne State University

TO:                Deans, Chairs, and Directors

FROM:          Laura Woodward, Director of Testing and Assessment

SUBJECT:    SET Deadline Changes

DATE:           September 5, 2018 ___________________________________________________________________________________________

Our updated deadlines for priority scanning are posted below. These dates allow us to process Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) before we begin scoring finals.  Please review the deadlines and contact our office if you have any questions. 

Approaching Deadlines for SET


Fall 2018

Winter 2019


Suggested Period Begin

Tuesday, 11/13/18

Monday, 4/1/19

You may administer the SET at a time
that works for you.

Many administer SET as soon as they
receive their supplies.

Evaluation Period End

Monday, 12/3/18

Monday, 4/15/19





Within suggested timeframe

Priority Processing Deadline

Wednesday, 12/5/18

Wednesday, 4/17/19

Priority Report Return Date

Friday, 3/8/19

Friday, 6/28/19

Non-priority Processing Deadline

Monday, 1/7/19

Monday, 5/6/19



Outside suggested timeframe

Non-priority Report Return Date

Friday, 4/12/19

Friday, 8/30/19

Faculty who teach online courses but choose to administer paper evaluations may opt-out of Online SET.  If they do not release or do not opt-out, we will automatically do it for them.

In addition, unless your area has a policy against it, faculty who are not teaching online may use Online SET. Many faculty choose this option because they know that if they administer during class time, their response rates will be comparable to paper-based evaluations.

Some departments are choosing to administer their classes entirely online for logistical reasons and had much quicker priority turnaround as a result.   If you would like to pursue this, we are happy to help work out the details with you.  

Directions to download your reports are posted online at these links:

·         Administrator Directions

·         Faculty Directions

Please feel free to contact us with questions or concerns, at the SET Helpdesk, 313.577.2777, or email set@wayne.edu.