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Wayne State University

Dear campus community,

I am writing to update you on Wayne State University’s preparation for the possibility that the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) may affect our campus. At this point, there are no confirmed cases in Michigan, but many epidemiologists and infectious disease specialists feel that it’s only a matter of time before we see cases of COVID-19 in our state. Now is the time to prepare.

I have charged a presidential committee with ensuring that our campus communicates information promptly, exercises appropriate precautions, and implements continuity plans for our academic mission and campus operations. That committee — composed of infectious disease specialists, campus health professionals, administrators, faculty and others — meets routinely and fully understands the weight of their responsibilities. We will continue to update the campus community regularly, both directly and online.

Additionally, I’d like to address a related issue that is extremely important to all of us. At some campuses across America, there are reports that people have targeted Asian and international students for harassment simply because the novel coronavirus originated in China. This sort of behavior is inconsistent with our values of being a diverse, welcoming and inclusive campus community, and will not be tolerated. I urge all of us to uphold these values, which are a source of pride at Wayne State, even in times of anxiety.  

We are preparing for many contingencies, but this crisis will eventually pass. In the meantime, let’s stay true to our values, and continue to treat each other with the respect and dignity we all deserve as members of our common community.


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M. Roy Wilson