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Division of Research - Wayne State University

Dear Colleagues –

This note is one of an ongoing series of communications to the research community at Wayne State (emails, website information, video calls, etc) to keep all informed and provide guidance for the steps ahead of us during the public health crisis at hand.

Over the last four weeks, we have been coordinating the development of an implementation plan for the phased ramp-up of on-site, laboratory-based research activities on campus as the Governor provides clearance to take next steps in this area as part of the MI Safe Start Plan.

The date and timeline for starting the process of implementation is based on a) directives from local, state and federal offices, public health considerations and university policies, b) approval from the Governor's office, and c) on-site readiness for facility use and safety considerations. However, there are many items to coordinate in advance of approval to initiate the plan as indicated below.

The core implementation platform for the first phase - Principles and Guidelines for a Phased Ramp-Up of On-site, Laboratory-based Research Activities  provides guiding principles and the initial steps required for a phased ramp-up of on-site, laboratory-based research activities at Wayne State University over the coming weeks and months.

The initial focus of the phased ramp-up plan is to operationalize on-site, laboratory-based research activities that cannot be conducted remotely. Investigators with such activity must complete an individual restart plan for their laboratory for review and approval LINK.

Additional guidance for the next phase of ramp-up activities, including on-site integration of dry lab research activities and off-site research activities, will be provided as we go forward over the next few weeks in accordance with public health status and university guidelines.

Research activities that are currently functioning remotely should continue to do so until further guidance for the next phase of campus ramp up of activities.

Please realize that this is an evolving process that will require adjustments, engagement of all and additional operational guidelines for individual labs and investigators as we go forward - thus full awareness and communication is key. Additional operational guidelines will be posted at the Resumption of Research Activities LINK.

Please refer to the link for continuous updates on research operational support, funding opportunities and relevant federal guidance for grants and contracts.

Thank you for your engagement and commitment.