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Division of Research - Wayne State University

Dear Colleagues –

I am glad to share the news regarding the Governor’s Executive Order released last night approving the phased initiation of research and discovery activities in the State of Michigan.

EXECUTIVE ORDER No. 2020-90 Resumption of laboratory research activities

I will be providing additional specific information later this weekend, but I wanted to send a note this morning to the research community as I am sure that all are looking forward to next steps in this area, as well as part of the broader vision of the university for restart and transitions on the horizon in academics, service and campus life.

As you know, on May 11 we posted the “Principles and Guidelines for a Phased Ramp-Up of On-site, Laboratory-based Research Activities,” which provides the process for next steps:

The individual labs, departments and units are in the process of developing phased ramp up plans as indicated in this guidance document.

The working groups assembled by President Wilson for Public Health, Facilities and Communications ( are coordinating with the Research task force (and other working teams) for thoughtful implementation of a phased ramp up initiative to assure all elements of the posted guidance document and the stipulations provided with the Governor's Excecutive order are in place. 

The safety of all members of the Wayne State community remains our primary concern. Accordingly, please note that our plan is a phased process with the initial phase targeting a level of activity of ~25-30% of pre-COVID activity in any given building at any given time with ongoing monitoring and adjustment. In addition, we will implement this process gradually in selected facilities depending upon their preparedness and the infrastructure we have in place.

The final stages of this process are under development, and all of the key elements as defined in the "Principles and Guidelines for a Phase Ramp-up of On-site, Laboratory-based Research Activities" must be in place before we officially begin the phased ramp up activities.

All of these factors must be considered as we hone in on a specific date for operational implementation and I will provide further guidance on this element later this weekend.

Please note that success with this phased ramp up of on-site, lab-based research activities is the first phase of a broader university plan for restart through the summer and into the fall that covers all aspects of our mission. It is of utmost importance that we move forward in a phased and thoughtful way with the health and safety of all involved front and center as I have noted in my earlier communications. 

Success with this phase process will be critical for the next steps of university restart plan and our success depends on each individual, each team and all involved to take ownership each step along the way.

Again – as before – thank you for your kind consideration and engagement of all involved in this journey. As always, please contact me with me any questions, concerns or suggestions as we go forward.