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Division of Research - Wayne State University

Dear Colleagues,

As part of the ongoing series of communication and connectivity through the Office of the Vice President for Research, we have scheduled two video call sessions this week for the research community.

These session will provide updates on where we stand with operationalizing elements required to initiate the phased ramp-up of on-site, laboratory-based research activities in accordance with state executive orders and institutional considerations.

The various component elements involved in this initiative, including task forces on public health, information technology, human resources, facilities and communications, are working on multiple fronts and these are coordinated with the broader research support teams across campus as we work to have all in place.

We are in the process of putting the final touches on several items including the following key elements:

  • daily health screening platform and facility access
  • on-site signage
  • required training module(s)
  • required supplies (cloth face masks, sanitizer, disinfectant for lab use) 
  • operational activation of key research core support labs and units

As you know, individual research labs are also coordinating at a department and school/college level for an integrated phased resumption of activities in accordance with the "Principles and Guidelines for a Phase Ramp-up of On-site, Laboratory-based Research Activities" and this activity is in process.  

Please note that all of the basic minimal lab operations and on-site personnel currently approved through the Critical Infrastructure platform in late March remain in place as we move toward the initial phase of ramp-up of activities.

Again to emphasize - all research activities that are currently enabled remotely should remain so as we implement the initial ramp-up phase for lab-based, on-site research activities.

I would also encourage you to join in to the President’s Town Hall this Thursday for a broader update on the restart initiative that will include additional information from the task forces on facilities and public health.

Thank you for your consideration and engagement.