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Wayne State University

May 26, 2020

UPDATE: Next steps for a phased resumption of on-site, lab-based research activities

  • Health Survey update
  • Training Module update
  • Facilities included for initial phase
  • Guidance updates for coming back on-site
  • Current research and office activities enabled remotely should remain remote at current time

Dear Colleagues –

Many have been working diligently across the set up the necessary platforms for a phased resumption of limited and designated on-site, lab-based research activities.

Two of the four key required elements to begin this process will be fully activated on Friday, May 29.

As such and barring any unexpected turn of events, we are currently targeting Monday, June 1 as the first formal day for the initial phase of resumption of limited and approved on-site lab activities in a targeted set of facilities.

The three key components for process initiation are as follows:

Upon completion of the Campus Daily Screener, individuals that do not indicate COVID-19 health survey concerns are issued a bar code each day certifying completion and this will be scanned at the research site entrance.   

Completion of the daily screen is required for research facility access. Individual screens indicating COVID-19 health survey concerns generate a notification to the Campus Health Center and the individual will be directly contacted by the Campus Health Center and the individual should not report to work.

  • The required training module for all individuals coming back to campus will be fully activated and posted on Friday, May 29. This module must be completed before entering the research facility.
  • Supplies - face masks, EPA approved disinfectant, and EPA-approved surface wipes. Face masks and EPA approved disinfectant are on-site.
  • EPA-approved surface wipes we have on order have an ETA of June 2, and we are considering options on this item that may be available in the interim (more information to come.)
  • Completion, review and approval of the individual and unit ramp-up plans.

The individual and unit ramp-up plans received to date are all in the process of review.

Individuals approved for each site in the initial phase will receive detailed instructions on facility access later this week by email.

The initial phase targets a level of activity and personnel on-site that is ~25% of that before the pause in research activity in March of this year.

Based on specific and careful evaluation of various considerations including site readiness, the activity involved and the overall structure of a ramp-up plan, the following sites are targeted for the initial phase:

  • Chemistry Building - Designated labs as approved
  • EACPHS - Designated units with lab-based activities as approved
  • Engineering Development Center - Designated labs as approved
  • IBio – Designated units as approved
  • Mott Center for Human Growth and Development - Designated labs as approved
  • Research cores - Genome Sciences, Lipidomics, Proteomics, Lumigen Instrumentation Center (Mass spec and NMR), Microscopy, Imaging & Cytometry Resources

As the limited activity becomes operational at these sites and additional operational information is gleaned, a similar phased resumption of on-site activities will begin at additional research facilities within the College of Engineering, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the School of Medicine in a staggered, sequential process.

Please note that all of the basic minimal lab operations and on-site personnel currently approved through the Critical Infrastructure platform in late March remain in place as we implement the initial phase of ramp-up of activities.

Three key elements of the path ahead are as follows:

  • On-site, lab-based research activities will not be business as usual and there is a new landscape ahead of us.
  • It is critical that we take measured steps during the first few weeks of this process and adjust the operational processes as needed. These measured steps will continue during the summer and into the fall.
  • Each of us has to take ownership and personal responsibility to assure the success of this process with the focus on a healthy and safe environment.

As always, thank you for your consideration and engagement.




  • Guidance on Face Coverings Required in Enclosed Public Spaces
  • Standard Operating Procedures and Guidelines for Cleaning Laboratory Workspace
  • Checklist for Reopening of Labs After Shutdown

Training module is requqired and includes information on social distancing, elevator use and restroom use and additional safety considerations – see also Return to Campus Guidelines at

Two washable and reusable cloth masks will be provided to each individual.

EPA approved disinfectant is currently in use by the custodial worker staff as part of their enhanced cleaning procedures and this disinfectant will be available for individuals coming on site for spray bottle use.

We are workinig to secure EPA approved wipes for labs approved to come on-site for resumption of activities, but these items will need to be ordered by individual labs over the next two weeks for additional supplies as needed going forward.

(See Standard Operating Procedures and Guidelines for Cleaning Laboratory Workspace