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Campus Health Center - Wayne State University

Dear colleagues,

As we approach the start of the 2020-21 academic year, we wanted to call attention to an important aspect of our restart — supporting the health and safety of ourselves, others and, ultimately, the entire campus community. To that end, we want to remind you of two essential new processes that are now in place. 

The first of these is the Warrior Safe training. These training modules provide a succinct overview of the current state of the science regarding COVID-19, including its symptoms and transmission. The training includes important public health and social strategies to reduce transmission and an overview of the new strategies required on campus to enhance health and safety. These measures include the use of face coverings in all public spaces on campus, properly caring for face coverings, strategies for social distancing and other useful information. These modules must be completed before faculty, staff and students will be allowed to return to campus. Please take the time to complete the modules. If you supervise others, please ask them to forward their “Warrior Safe” badge to you before they come to campus.  

The second new resource is the Campus Daily Screener, which must be completed every day, beginning 48 hours before your return to campus and continuing each day that you wish to be on campus. Even if you are planning a brief visit to gather items from your office, you are required to complete the screener. This symptom-tracking tool is essential to assess whether individuals need further follow-up or testing (conducted by the Campus Health Center), and the aggregate data will allow for an ongoing assessment of the health of the campus, which is essential to planning a safe and science-based return. Again, if you supervise others, please remind them of their responsibility to complete the Campus Daily Screener.

These new processes can be completed quickly and will go a long way toward promoting the safety of our campus community as we move forward. Being Warrior Safe is our shared responsibility. As always, we encourage you to frequently visit the WSU coronavirus webpage for current updates and useful information.

Thank you.