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Division of Research - Wayne State University

Laboratory-based research activities on-campus: 

Current evolving pandemic situation – awareness and preparedness

November 15, 2020

Dear Colleagues –

Recently, there have been marked increases in the number of COVID-19 cases in Michigan and the Midwest as well as other areas across the country and the globe.  

We are monitoring the situation on campus and in the region (see below) and there is the possibility that additional pandemic management measures may be established at the state or federal level as we move forward.

Please be advised that new measures limiting on-site activities will likely be necessary if the current trends continue.

All of those involved with on-campus research activities should be aware of the current situation, review current status of on-site activities for your area and unit, and update your plan for a phased and hopefully limited reduction for on-site research activities so that all are prepared as needed. 

The Michigan Governor's office has actually issued additional guidelines this event that include a shift to full online education activites for colleges and university effective Wednesday, November 18th (Gatherings and Face Mask Order -,9753,7-406-98178_98455-545136--,00.html) with special considerations for training of health care professionals.

Our goal is to take measured steps in accordance with the guidance issued from the Michigan Governor’s office and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services with the goal of protecting the health of our employees and students and the broad communities that we serve.

We will be providing more guidance for on-site research activities as we go forward and as the situation evolves, but I felt it is important to get this on everyone’s radar screen. 

As always, thank you for your consideration and engagement with the challenges at hand.



  • All aspects of lab-related activity that can be done remotely should remain remote during this period.
  • Please realize this continues to be an evolving process that will require adjustments and the engagement of all if additional operational guidelines for individual labs and investigators are called for as we go forward.
  • It is especially critical during this period that all laboratories and on-site operations continue to follow established safety guidelines including social distancing, use of personal protection equipment and cleaning/sterilization protocols.
  • Laboratories continue to have staggered scheduling for on-site personnel.
  • Expectations for on-site activities involving graduate students and research personnel during this period should be followed.
  • Laboratory and unit directors should have regular video conferencing sessions with their teams and units as all are impacted from multiple perspectives during this period and connectivity is key.