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School of Medicine - Wayne State University

Dear Class,

In response to the Governor’s executive order that will go into effect tomorrow November 18th and run through December 8th please find below how your classes are adjusting to the suspension of in-person activities during this time:

GI/Renal With Dr. Braun

All lectures, CBL’s, will continue to be online only. In regards to the US Session on Friday 11/20, this will now be an online session from 1-3 pm, Zoom link here

Gross Anatomy Labs with Dr. Walker

The gross anatomy labs will close Wed Nov 18 through Tue Dec 8 and will affect GA Lab 18 scheduled for Thu Dec 3. Instructions will be sent to the class on how to complete Lab 18 virtually as a group including the lab chart submission.  Also, the Dec 16 gross anatomy practical exam will be administered remotely similar to the cardiopulmonary practical exam. There will be 50 MCQ questions with orientation information provided on each image (10 items per lab chart).  More information will be communicated about the exam later. For now- study hard, remain vigilant, and stay safe.

P4 with Dr. Allen

All Small Group sessions will continue to be online, along with all other course requirements.

SL with Dr. Mendez

All in-person activities are canceled, please continue using current online clinical, mentoring, and outreach options.

CS with Dr. Miller

All clinical skills sessions will be virtual through Assessment 2 (which is scheduled to take place from November 30th to December 8th and includes all of the remaining clinical skills sessions scheduled before the holiday break).

Please continue to practice proper public health and social distancing protocols. Stay safe and be well, and as always, we are committed to sharing updates as we have them.

Best Regards,