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Human Resources - Wayne State University

Dear Colleagues,

As we plan for the Thanksgiving holiday next week, we know this year’s celebration may be a bit different from what we have grown to enjoy in past years.  Nonetheless, I hope we all take the opportunity to refocus on the many positive things for which we can be grateful like family, friends, health, accomplishments, and the many traditions to which we can still look forward. 

In my family, we always enjoy the annual America’s Thanksgiving Parade at the Welcome Center.  This year, we will enjoy it on television with lots of hot chocolate and donuts.  We play very competitive games and eat a lot!  We plan to continue this tradition, but with a much smaller group and, yes, we will need a rigorous exercise program following the Thanksgiving dinner. 

Perhaps you have similar or different traditions, but, like us, you may have to alter them a bit to stay healthy and safe.  Consider connecting virtually, delivering food baskets to family members and neighbors without direct contact, finding new games and dishes to share, and seeking other ways you can give.  Whatever your traditions, please do not forget these few rules about indoor gatherings from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS):

  • Limit capacity to 10 persons from no more than 2 households
  • Encourage and maintain physical distancing
  • Wear a face mask

Lastly, please remember to express your gratitude.  It costs nothing to simply say, “thank you” and show appreciation.  So on behalf of Human Resources, I would like to thank each of you for your hard work, courage, and commitment during 2020.  You have demonstrated how Warriors look in the face of adversity and see opportunity for collaboration that results in positive change.  Because of you, we have continued to do extraordinary things to help continue to move the mission of this great university forward.  We never would have made it without you.  Thank you!

We wish you and your families a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Carolyn P. Hafner

Interim Associate Vice President
and Chief Human Resources Officer