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Dear campus community,

This has been a challenging year throughout the world and, of course, here at Wayne State University. While careful planning and good fortune have enabled us to bear the pandemic’s impact better than many other universities, we nonetheless have had to make difficult decisions and adjustments to weather this unprecedented crisis. Most, if not all, of these directly affect how we teach, learn or do our jobs as Wayne State employees. 

Faculty and students have made the enormous adjustment of shifting online, a change executed in a matter of weeks. Many of our staff and administration have supported that effort while learning to balance job and home responsibilities simultaneously throughout the day. Others have continued to come to campus throughout the pandemic due to the critical nature of their work. Non-represented employees have shouldered additional financial burdens by foregoing merit increases and soon, for some, by taking furloughs. People across the board have made changes and sacrifices in various ways, which has helped our university continue its important mission, even in this extraordinary situation.

I continue to be amazed by, and grateful for, the commitment, adaptability and resilience of our campus community. Each of you plays an important role, and I greatly appreciate everything you do to make Wayne State a great university — especially during a pandemic. You inspire me.

Please enjoy a restful and well-deserved holiday break. Safety and science will continue to guide us, but I am very hopeful for 2021. The rollout of vaccines is a welcome development. As I have shared in other communications, I am confident of the science and eagerly await my turn to receive the vaccine. I am also confident we will be back on campus sometime in the new year — most likely at the start of our fall semester in 2021 — and I look forward to welcoming you back.

See you in 2021!


M. Roy Wilson

M. Roy Wilson


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