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Wayne State University

Dear students,

As we announced last month, we expect the majority of our fall classes to be offered in person. There is nothing we would like more. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 numbers in Michigan are currently at an unacceptably high level. The best way to ensure a return to campus in September is to get a vaccination if you haven’t yet done so.

To further encourage you to take this critical step, we are providing an extra incentive — although the best incentive is your good health. All students who upload photographic evidence — such as a copy of their vaccine card — that they have received at least their first vaccination by Friday, May 7, will have a $10 credit added to their OneCard for use immediately with Grubhub or to save for use on campus upon their return.

As a WSU student, you can schedule your appointment at the Campus Health Center, but you qualify for this incentive regardless of where you get vaccinated — you just need to be a WSU student. Please get your vaccination wherever you can.

In addition to getting vaccinated, please continue to take the appropriate precautions to ensure the health and safety of yourselves, our campus and the community. Thank you for doing your part to help keep our campus Warrior Strong.


M. Roy Wilson

M. Roy Wilson


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