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Wayne State University

Members of the campus community,

This week, our Student Senate published a statement regarding the current Israeli/Palestinian conflict on the senate’s social media. The statement was issued after considerable deliberation among the student senators, not all of whom agreed with the position expressed.

Some members of the community have assumed that the statement carries the endorsement of the university. It does not. 

We are a university community, and we support the right to free speech. While we support the right of our students to express views important to them, I regret their use of some needlessly inflammatory terminology. We must treat each other with civility and respect. Some of their words did not do that.

During tumultuous times like these, we lean on our values for guidance and direction. As stated on our university website: “We value all people and understand that their unique experiences, talents, and perspectives make us a stronger organization and better persons. We seek and are strengthened by diverse points of view…” These are not empty words; these words must embody who we are. 

I hope that this will become an opportunity for learning and growth for our students, and for each of us.


M. Roy Wilson

M. Roy Wilson


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