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Wayne State University

Members of the campus community,

Once again, I find myself amazed at the resilience and dedication of Wayne State Warriors. Less than a week after Detroit and our campus were hit by what has been characterized as a “500-year” storm, Wayne State remains fully open and most of our campus is again fully operational. There are still a few buildings undergoing remediation and restoration, but teams are actively engaged in the work and we are optimistic regarding the outcome.

Next week, we will resume campus tours and activities, and most of the classes that moved online this week will return to in-person instruction. There are some exceptions, most notably in the College of Nursing. These will continue to be remote for now, as well as a few other isolated classes. Please contact your instructor for information.

This speedy resumption of campus operations is thanks to the dedicated team that has been tirelessly at work on campus since the rains first hit. I am profoundly grateful to them for their efforts, and I'm confident that we can now focus our attention on preparing to welcome students, faculty and staff to a vibrant and restored campus for the fall semester.

Enjoy your holiday weekend.

M. Roy Wilson

M. Roy Wilson


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