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Dear students,

It’s been great to see the campus alive with activity again, and I hope you are enjoying our continued return to normalcy.

While more people and activity liven the campus, they occasionally trigger challenges that come with being in a place where people hold diverse points of view — even some we may find repugnant. Although we value and respect free speech on our campus, we must not normalize expressions of hate. 

Recently, several students who identify with various religious groups wrote to me about their concerns over incidents that have occurred on or near campus. These incidents were staged by outside people unaffiliated with Wayne State University, and they were antithetical to the values we hold dear: diversity of people and ideas, acceptance and inclusion, and maintaining a welcoming campus for all. These incidents were meant to incite reaction, and I am pleased that members of our internal community remained respectful.

Demonstrations like these can be hurtful, though, and the provost and I would embrace the opportunity to meet with students affected by such reprehensible behavior. At their request, we have arranged to meet with one group of students, and we would be pleased to meet with others upon request. In the meantime, if events occur where you have serious concerns about safety or the potential for violence, please don't hesitate to call the Wayne State University Police Department at 313-577-2222. Students can also express concerns through the Dean of Students Office at 313-577-1010, or contact Counseling and Psychological Services at 313-577-3398 for support. As always, I can be contacted at

Finally, I ask that no matter what happens, we stay true to our values and beliefs and continue to support each other. In doing so, we can rise above such deplorable incidents and demonstrate real Warrior strength.


M. Roy Wilson

M. Roy Wilson


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