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From the Dean’s Desk - Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences - Wayne State University

Dear students, 

Welcome back for Winter Semester 2022. As I hope all of you know by now, we will be starting the semester having instruction delivered remotely. This is a university-wide mandate and will continue through at least January 31.

You should monitor your email and contact your program directors and instructors for up-to-date information. The university will continue to monitor public health conditions and will return to in-person learning when it is safe to do so.

College faculty have been meeting throughout the break to plan for this remote instruction. They assure me that we are ready to go. As prepared as we are, it’s really important that you also do you part. This means:

  1. Show up to class for synchronous instruction. There is no mandate for instructors to record lectures.
  2. Keep your monitors on if asked to do so by your instructor. Participate in courses as requested or with any questions or comments. If you have questions, do not hesitate to ask. It is likely that if you are wondering about something, you are not the only one!
  3. Prepare for class each day as if it was in person.
  4. In the rare event that you are to be on campus, you still must complete the Campus Daily Screener.
  5. Read all emails daily and respond as needed.
  6. Reach out to your instructors, faculty members and advisors if you have any questions or concerns. Use the office hours provided. 

With regards to clinical practice sites:

  1. Clinical practice sites are under the discretion of each provider and are ongoing.
  2. Please keep in constant contact with your preceptor.

With regards to research and clinical activities in our buildings:

  1. Research and clinical trials are ongoing under the same guidelines followed during the previous year.
  2. You must continue to complete the Campus Daily Screener.
  3. Maintain good mask hygiene practices.

Finally, some answers to frequently asked questions:

  1. There will be no in-class exams during the month of January. This is not the college’s decision. Rather, we are following university guidelines. I appreciate those who reached out to me regarding this question.
  2. Unfortunately, we cannot allow study groups to utilize the spaces in our buildings during the month of January.
  3. There will not be an option for students to choose to maintain remote learning once we return to campus. You will be expected to be present once we are allowed to return to campus.

Thank you all and please stay vigilant and safe,

Dean Cummings

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