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School of Medicine - Wayne State University

Physicians in training—class of 24

Hope everyone enjoyed the holiday break and is ready and rarin' to go for the last lap of M3.  A couple of things to bring to your attention while you are travelling back.

Orientation and CRISP tomorrow, Jan 3.  Everyone should have received a schedule.  If you are taking a makeup exam in the afternoon,. you are still required to attend orientation in the morning.  Sorry to belabor the point but it causes some confusion every year.

If you have not filled out the survey of specialty choice (now that you have had a week to mull it over) please do so now.  202/270 have responded so far!  Remember it is not binding.  We will be finalizing our M4 course arrangements starting this week and this information is very helpful in arranging enough resources to do so. 

There will be the final meeting/workshop of our registration team on Jan 11.  We will send the zoom address and time information next week.  You will be excused from clinical duties while the workshop is going on.  

Advising:  The deadline for submitting advising forms is coming up—you need to meet with your advisor prior to registering for classes for M4.  If you do not have a meeting done or set up, today would be a good time to send some emails (and get on top of the email queue that all the faculty will have tomorrow morning!)  You can always change your mind, get another advisor in another field and change your schedule but we need everyone to start the process now.

News for scheduling as you make out your schedule.  For spring of 2024, residency prep required course will be only offered in April, 2024.  Everyone will be enrolled in TLC (the longitudinal teaching course) in May 2024.  More on this during the Jan 11 workshop.

For those who may be interested in any or all surgical specialties, the American College of Surgeons has lots of info. You can join their mailing list at Join our mailing list (  Some information is at Master Template (  or here Medical Students | ACS (

Grades and FA.  The clerkships will be finalizing grades this week so that everyone can get their disbursements on time.  The common reason for delays at this time would be delays in evaluations.  If you have not chosen evaluators in clerkships that ask for this, your grade could be delayed so please respond to any and all emails from the clerkship coordinators to get this squared away.  (This will be a real busy week for all.)

One more reminder that the CCSE will be given March 27 and 28.  Monday and Tuesday of the final week of March.  Testing will send out a schedule in the near future.

It has to be taken in Mazurek (NBME rules).  It is invaluable in helping assess your readiness for CK, especially if you have thoughts of taking CK in April.  

Welcome back!....and don't forget the survey 

Christopher Steffes M.D.
Associate Dean for Clinical Education
Wayne State University School of Medicine
Professor of Surgery