Sept-Oct 2023 - Wayne State University
Sept-Oct 2023

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Leadership in Medicine

Leadership in Medicine

GME actively supports leadership training and professional development across all levels of graduate medical education, for those in their intern year as well as more experienced leaders. Recently, I participated in the first session of the Association of American Medical Colleges’ GME Leadership Development Program, sponsored by the AAMC to assist physician leaders in acquiring or enhancing the knowledge and skills essential for the successful direction, both practical and strategic, of their educational offices. Participants attend three sessions across the calendar year (September, January, and April), offered in person and virtually.  A core requirement includes the development and implementation of an Action Learning Project (ALP), whereby participants apply their leadership skills and valuable lessons taken from the course, engaging in substantive ways with key stakeholders at WSUSOM to make a significant contribution to their institution.  

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GME News and Announcements

2023-24 DART/DEFT schedule, data analysis hour Oct. 27  

The first of GME's 2023-24 Academic Boot Camps will be held on Tues, Oct. 17 from noon to 1 pm via MSTeams on the topic Effective Healthcare Teaming. Dr. Stansfield has added a data analysis hour, scheduled for the last Friday of each month from 4-5 pm via Zoom, to which residents and faculty can bring research design, data organization, and data analysis problems for consultation. The next will be held on Oct. 27. Contact Dr. Stansfield for more info.

Marvin conducts virtual wellness event for residents, Nov. 13, 6-8 pm  

GME is sponsoring Healthy Boundaries for Improved Self-Care: A Wellness Seminar for Medical Residents, on Monday, Nov. 13, from 6-8 pm via Zoom. This confidential, residents-only seminar will be conducted by Marvin, a national behavioral health practice that helps ensure the social wellbeing and psychological health of healthcare providers, including medical residents. Participants will learn how boundaries can be used to successfully engage in self-care, take meaningful and rejuvenating time off, and set the stage for healthier interactions at work and in their personal lives. The seminar will be led by Heidi Schrumpf, PhD, JD, a clinical psychologist and Behavioral Health Manager at Kaiser Permanente. RSVP here!

2022-23 Seed Grant awardee  

For 2022-23, GME awarded a Seed Grant to Family Medicine faculty Kathryn Cox and resident Olivia Schimmel for their QI project Hocus POCUS: Introducing the Magic of Point of Care Ultrasound to Family Medicine Residents. Congratulations! GME is currently accepting applications for the 2023-24 funding cycle for both research and QI projects. Contact GME Research Coordinator Dr. Heidi Kenaga for more details.


Resident Council News

Upcoming 2023-24 Resident Council meetings  

RC meetings are held every second Tuesday of the month from 6:30-7:30 pm as virtual events: Oct. 10, Nov. 14, and Dec. 12. They are moderated by the RC President Tripti Nagar. GME Administrative Director Martha Jordan sends out invites in advance of the RC meetings to residents in all our programs. Everyone welcome!

Confidential reporting of issues, misconduct, or professional concerns by residents and faculty  

The Resident Council would like to remind residents and faculty that GME hosts a page for confidential concern reporting.


Hats Off

IM residents' research accepted for ACP-Michigan  

Internal Medicine residents Dhairya Salvi, Zarghoona Wajid, and Javaria Asif are authors of an abstract on "Adrenal insufficiency and septic shock: Real friends or imposter," to be presented at the ACP-Michigan Scientific Meeting later this month. Their faculty advisor is Sarwan Kumar. Residents Tamara Al-Taweel, Mousa Hammoud, Wadid Sirry, and Nour Aldaoud are co-authors of "Adrenal insufficiency secondary to long-term opioids use," accepted for the same conference. Their advisor is Zain Kulairi. Congratulations!      

IM resident has abstract accepted for two regional meetings  

IM resident Mohamed Mansour authored an abstract “A rare case of multi-organ dysfunction including bilateral sensorineural hearing loss after cocaine use,” accepted for the 2023 ACP-Michigan and the Society for Hospital Medicine-Michigan Scientific Meetings in October. Co-authors include Zainab Muslehuddin, Syed Bukhari, Sarah Merten, Johan Harris, Hafeez Wasif, and Ahmed J Chaudhary. Kudos!

IM Program Director co-authors posts on KevinMD  

Internal Medicine Program Director Sarwan Kumar co-authored two more KevinMD blog posts (with Deepak Gupta) on "Ensuring compensation during absences" and on "Equitable health care guidelines for minority populations." Well done!

Anesthesiology residents present at 2023 ASA Annual Meeting  

Three Anesthesiology residents will be presenting at the American Society of Anesthesiology's Annual Meeting in San Francisco later this month: Andrew Tudosie on "Single lung ventilation in a patient with partially decannulated tracheostomy," co-authored by faculty mentor Krassimir Denchev; Will Hrebec on "Approach to submental intubation for LeFort Type I and II fractures," co-authored by Andrew Tudosie and faculty mentor Jennifer Henderson; and Vidhi Patel on "Tension pneumocephalus after evacuation of subdural hematoma causing anoxic brain injury," with co-authors Hannah Roop and faculty mentor Krassimir Denchev. Congratulations!  

Derm faculty, resident, alumna, and SOM student publish article  

Derm faculty Meena Moossavi was senior author of "Eczematous eruption associated with two beta-3 adrenergic agonists for overactive bladder," published in the International Journal of Dermatology last spring. Madison Meyer (WSUSOM student) was the first author, current Derm resident Hailey Olds the second, and Kayla St. Claire (WSUSOM Dermatology program alumna) the third. Kudos!  


Promoting Resident Wellness

Marvin: Free mental health resource for residents  

Marvin is a mental health resource developed specifically for medical residents. Marvin works with residents' insurance so there is minimal cost. It is also confidential and can be accessed at any time so it is convenient for residents to use.  Please see this video about the program, and here's a sign-up link. In addition, programs may schedule Marvin workshops for residents and faculty free of charge. Details will be found on this flyer. Marvin staff can design workshops tailored to meet the needs of programs. Marvin is hosting a wellness event, "Health," designed just for our residents, which will be held on the evening of Nov. 13 from 6-8 pm via Zoom. Contact Martha Jordan for more information.

WSU Employee Assistance Program (EAP)  

The Employee Assistance Program provided by Ulliance is available to all residents, faculty, and staff at no cost. EAP is confidential and available to you, your partner, and your dependents. To reach an advisor immediately, call 1-800-448-8326. Click here for the Life Advisor Resource Center website log-in page. To log in, enter "Wayne State University" as the name of your employer and "Detroit" as the City of Employment. The website provides information about EAP services and how to access them. 

ACGME's AWARE resources offer stress and burnout mitigation techniques  

ACGME has developed a suite of on-demand well-being resources called AWARE, designed to promote well-being among residents and faculty. AWARE primarily focuses on individual strategies for cognitive skill-building and includes a video workshop, podcasts, and the ACGME AWARE app. Programs, institutions, and individuals can download these resources for integration into existing curricula or use in tandem with other efforts to mitigate the effects of stress and burnout, and foster well-being among members of the GME community.


Program News

Family Medicine PD and residents share wisdom at WSUSOM specialty luncheon  

FM Program Director Eleanor King hosted the WSUSOM's Family Medicine Medical Specialty Luncheon in late August. Together with residents Saboria Thomas and Donald Johnson, Dr. King shared insights with SOM students interested in the  breadth of training, educational experience, lifestyle, and other questions pertaining to the life and learnings of a family physician. Photo here!

Family Medicine expands its POCUS curriculum  

Family Medicine faculty members Heidi Hilton, Andrea Milne, and Kathryn Cox have been refining their point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) skills in preparation for expanding the POCUS curriculum in their residency program. Drs. Hilton and Milne attended the SEMCME training in September while Dr. Cox and Program Director Eleanor King traveled to the epicenter of GME POCUS —University of South Carolina—for additional training. Photos here!  

Family Medicine's community outreach  

The Family Medicine program has a strong commitment to community outreach. Recent activities include the provision of free back-to-school exams for children at Neighborhood House, a nonprofit in Rochester whose goal is to help families and parents in need of social services, food, education, jobs, transportation and many other services. With the help of our Family Medicine residency, they're also able to provide a bit of healthcare!  At the Orion Community Center in Lake Orion, residents provide diabetes, blood pressure, BMI and memory screenings, free of charge, for seniors in our community. Photos here!  

Dermatology Program Director and Chief Resident receive awards  

Steve Daveluy is the recipient of WSUSOM's College Teaching Award, given to faculty who demonstrate their commitment to excellence in medical education. Chief Resident Starling Tolliver was recently featured in a story in Crain's Detroit Business, widely excerpted in other online venues. This fall, Dr. Tolliver was also selected as a Rising Derm Star by the National Society of Cutaneous Medicine. She will be recognized for this award at the 43rd Annual Fall Clinical Dermatology Conference in Las Vegas. Congratulations! 


Equity Matters

Center for Health Equity and Community Knowledge in Urban Populations (CHECK-UP)  

The Center for Health Equity and Community Knowledge in Urban Populations (CHECK-UP) promotes relationships between WSU faculty and community organizations to advance health equity in Detroit. The Center focuses on building research networks in four areas: Black Health and Racial Equity; LGBTQ Health; Middle Easterns and North African [MENA], Refugee, and Immigrant Health; and the Community Health Scholars Program. Director Hayley S. Thompson, PhD, is a clinical psychologist whose research addresses racial and ethnic disparities in cancer care and outcomes. She is a professor in the WSU Dept. of Oncology and the Associate Center Director for Community Outreach and Engagement at Karmanos.

Institute for Healing and Justice in Medicine, UCSF/UCB  

Launched in 2020 by medical and graduate students in the Joint Medical Program at the University of California-San Francisco School of Medicine and the UC-Berkeley School of Public Health, the Institute for Healing and Justice in Medicine is an interdisciplinary organization that publishes community-based scholarship about emerging medical and public health practices addressing social justice. The institute has engaged more than 3,000 individuals from hundreds of institutions around the world in their activities, which include research working group initiatives, a peer-reviewed publication, a justice resource hub, and community healing gatherings.

Upcoming Events


MSMS implicit bias training opportunities in fall 2023


SEMCME 2023-24 Research Workshops


SEMCME: Applied Quality Improvement for PDs and Faculty, Nov. 1


SEMCME: Fundamentals of QI Bootcamp, Nov. 15


4th Southeast Michigan Regional Research Symposium (Promedica), 2024


Upcoming Deadlines

2024-26 Jeremiah Barondess Fellowship: Deadline Dec. 15, 2023

Research Resources

StatPearls: A publishing opportunity for residents and faculty
Resident research site at Shiffman Medical Library
PubMed's Clinical Queries: Locate clinical research studies more quickly
AAMC MedEdPORTAL 2023 Scholarly Publishing Webinar Series
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Research Highlights

Disparities in health-related quality of life among LGB cancer survivors

Professional Development

Resident mentorship opportunities with WSUSOM
Office of the Provost: Resources for faculty success
DMC GME Professional Faculty & Resident Development playlist

Nota Bene

Science Policy Detroit: Health Equity Challenge funding opportunity, deadline Nov. 27
WSUSOM's Healing Between the Lines curriculum addresses systemic inequities
Learn more about science and public policy in the D: SciPol-Detroit

Faculty Spotlight

Sheryl Wissman, MD - Chief Medical Officer, Ascension Providence Rochester Hospital


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