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Wayne State University

Dear Students,

We are glad to welcome you all back to campus. The School of Medicine campus re-entry taskforce comprising of key staff, faculty and administration has been meeting regularly and for long hours to thoroughly plan your return to campus. The task force also has invited students to seek their input, and that has shaped taskforce priorities.

As mentioned in earlier communications, the resumption of on-campus educational activities will be implemented in stages. We will continue to conduct most educational activities remotely and encourage students not to come to campus other than for required activities.

The health and safety of our students, staff and faculty are very important to us and so we require that you do the following at all times while you are in campus:

  1. follow social distancing
  2. wear a face covering
  3. frequent hand-washing

Along with the daily campus screening, there are strict guidelines that we want everyone to follow while you are in campus buildings. We rely upon self- and peer-monitoring of these guidelines. If we observe non-adherence, we will close the campus again for your own health and safety. Be Warrior Strong and take the responsibility to educate your peers to follow these guidelines. Do not hesitate to remind anyone who is not following the safety guidelines. These are unprecedented times and the scale at which we have to plan and execute measures to ensure your health and safety is massive.

Finally, we all understand that there is always an inherent risk in training to be, and serving as, physicians. While we are very concerned about COVID-19 and want to ensure your health and safety. We recognize that you will be around people who are sick and who may have diseases that are communicable and pose more health risks. Hence, we want you to take this as an opportunity to learn how best to protect yourselves while also serving the people who need your expertise and compassion the most.

We request that you read the details in this message carefully, and fully adhere to all the requirements and expectations.

As a first step, the taskforce wanted to respond to the request from an overwhelming majority of the students to open campus for study space. We have identified a list of study spaces that can be utilized by students. Beginning July 27, the Mazurek classrooms and Cafeteria in Scott Hall will be open and available for student self-study. Student organizations are still not permitted to meet on campus.

Beginning in early to mid-August, all MD labs in Scott Hall will also be available. Finally, on August 24 Shiffman Library study spaces will be available. Please check the School of Medicine Coronavirus Webpage for details and regular updates.

Health and Safety Guidelines While on Campus:

  • Basic expectations: Everyone must wear a face mask, socially distance themselves by at least six feet, frequently wash their hands, and follow directional signage while they are in the campus buildings.
  • Warrior Safe Training: As faculty, staff and students prepare to return to campus, please complete the Be Warrior Safe course created by the Wayne State Public Health Committee, a subcommittee of Wayne State's Restart Committee, by clicking on this self-enrollment link.
  • Daily screening: Everyone entering the campus must complete the daily screener and be cleared to enter the buildings.
  • Room capacity and set up: The study rooms have been set up based upon social distancing guidelines and can hold only a limited capacity of students. The room capacity has been posted at the entrances of all the rooms and no more than the maximum capacity listed may be in the spaces at any given time. Students must not move furniture and/or change the configuration of the room.
  • Food and use of refrigerator and microwaves: No food will be allowed for consumption inside the rooms, outside of the cafeteria. All refrigerators and microwaves will be locked and unavailable for storing and re-heating food. Please plan accordingly.
  • Use of shareable items: Please refrain from sharing textbooks, papers, pens, study materials, or unpackaged food or beverages with fellow students. 
  • Travel and testing: For people who have travelled domestically, the Campus Health Center staff will reach out to find out from where the individual has travelled.  If the location is not a CDC-identified high-risk zone, the individual will be cleared for campus.  If it is a CDC-identified high-risk zone (which changes frequently based on current data), the recommendation is to quarantine for 14 days and monitor for symptoms. All students staying in the campus housing will be required to undergo COVID-19 testing. A venue, date and time for testing will be communicated to these students.  All students must comply with this request. Please refer to this link for a detailed screening and testing protocol.

Thank you,

Mark E. Schweitzer, M.D.
Vice President, Health Affairs
Dean, Wayne State University School of Medicine