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Associate Provost for Academic Programs - Wayne State University

Early Academic Assessment (EAA)/Midterm Grading: 
January 27, 2021 through February 21, 2021

We have a new name—Midterm Grades. For ease in the switch, we will be including both the old name, EAA, and the new name, Midterm Grades, in our communications this term. Please remember that the EAA/Midterm Grades period begins week 3 and continues to the beginning of week 7. While all teaching faculty are urged to use the EAA/midterm grades reporting system, only instructors teaching courses numbered 3999 and below are required to give EAA grades. Student comments from the surveys in 2013-2019 indicated that students in higher-level courses (4000 level and above) have found the alert to be helpful.

This is the first semester that we are using the new grading system. All students enrolled in courses numbered 3999 and below should receive a midterm grade. Enter your midterm/EAA grades using the same process you use for final grading. You will be able to upload grades from an EXCEL spreadsheet. Unfortunately, the grading system does not allow a direct upload from CANVAS. Once you have entered EAA/Midterm grades in Academica, please announce this in your class. Students can review their EAA/Midterm grades in Academica.

EAA/Midterm grading pages are available for entry in Academica beginning Wednesday, January 27, 2021, through Sunday, February 21, 2021.  Detailed information (including procedures, details of the grading system, and technical support information) is available online by clicking on the Online EAA/Midterm grade Program link:

In addition to the Early Academic Assessment (EAA)/Midterm Grading, we will be requesting more detailed reports for both our Student-Athletes and students who are receiving additional academic support from one of our campus partners using Week 3 and Week 9 Progress Reports.  Our Academic Advisors, Athletic Coaches, and Student Success Coaches rely heavily on these progress reports to tell us more about how these students are doing in your classroom and how we can support you in teaching our students.  The Weeks 3 and 9 Progress Reports combined with the EAA/Midterm grades, help our students not only succeed but thrive here at Wayne State University.

Naida and I would like to thank you for attaining a 97% participation rate for fall 2020. We want to encourage you to exceed that and aim for 100%!  Your active participation is essential to our efforts to improve student learning, and I appreciate your efforts to support this program.  If you have any questions or want to request an exemption, contact either your college EAA/Midterm grades coordinator (available on the registrar’s website in the grading tab in the above link) or Dr. Naida Simon at or 313-577-3157.


R. Darin Ellis
Associate Provost for Academic Programs
Associate Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness