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Public Health Committee

Dear Wayne State community,

The current Campus Daily Screener for students and employees has been an important tool for maintaining campus safety throughout the pandemic. It allows the Campus Health Center to monitor, track and respond to all potential COVID-19 cases, and it’s helped mitigate the spread of the virus on campus.

As we anticipate more visitors on campus throughout the summer and prepare to reinstate campus tours, we now require all guests to complete a Guest Campus Screener before coming to campus or upon checking in. This tool, which is available at, operates similar to the Campus Daily Screener, but does not require a WSU AccessID. Individuals cleared to be on campus will receive a notification on their phone, along with a QR code and an email verification. Flagged individuals will be contacted by the Campus Health Center, who can manually clear them if appropriate.

All campus units will handle the event check-in process differently, but everyone should direct guests to If you wish to place a physical sign outside your building, we have one available for download (pdf).

We are excited to welcome guests back to Wayne State University, and this new screener tool will help us ensure safety and continue moving toward a more open campus.

There are no changes to the process for members of the WSU community. Wayne State students, faculty and staff should continue to use the existing Campus Daily Screener. The new process applies only to visitors. 

To stay up to date with campus health and safety guidelines, visit Wayne State’s COVID-19 webpage.


Thank you for your cooperation,

Public Health Subcommittee