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From the President's Desk - Wayne State University

Dear Wayne State faculty, staff, and students, 

After reading about the events of the last 24 hours in Rafah, I am reaching out tonight with a heavy heart. These events are truly tragic. 

This is a brief update of activities since last night’s email. Occupants of the encampment cleared two walkways leading to State Hall. This welcomed step promotes inclusive access to our buildings. 

Vice President Lindsey visited again this afternoon and spoke with a group outside the perimeter of the encampment. As in the past meetings, he stated that the occupants are trespassing and asked that the encampment be dismantled immediately. 

Part of that discussion, which you can watch here, involved a request to schedule a meeting with university leadership. After additional consultation, VP Lindsey returned to the encampment and offered a Tuesday meeting with university leadership if the encampment was removed by the end of the day Monday.  

This offer was a good faith attempt to find a path to dismantle the encampment. Though this offer was immediately declined, university leadership continues to encourage dialogue and meetings with all students to hear, discuss, and address important concerns. 


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Dr. Kimberly Andrews Espy